Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've decided I want to start playing a lot more golf! I bought a new pair of golf clubs the other day. I got the clubs, the bag, a box of balls, and a glove for about $230. The clubs aren't the nicest in the world .... but I figured I'd rather break shitty clubs than pay $600 for a nice set and break those.

I went to the driving range with Kris and Dusty on Saturday and could barley hit the ball past the mat... pretty pathetic....I practiced my swing through out the week and yesterday I was hitting balls over the highway with Dusty.

I'm going to play 9 holes Friday with my boss and another 9 holes Saturday with Kris and Dusty. Hopefully I wont have to take the maximum strokes for each hole.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back in the Mile High City

Tara and I moved back this weekend.... it's kind of weird. I feel like we're just visiting for now. Especially since I've been back and forth for work since we moved. Work is much better. I was going insane being locked up in the house all day. It's nice to be in the office with my peers.

There are several expenses we have yet to incur due to the move. We need to get 2 doors and 1 more doggie door so our dogs have a way out to use the bathroom. Bear is happy to be back and has already started fighting with the neighbor dogs (as Tara mentioned) and Sampson is a little depressed. I think he will be fine in a week or two but right now he's not too happy.

I can finally watch the Nuggets games... no more of this Jazz bullshit!! : ) I'm going to a bar tonight with Dusty to watch the Rockies, Nuggets, and Av's play..... it's good to be back : )