Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Bricks

While rushing around this morning trying to get all my last minute Christmas errands finished I experienced something that forced my apprehensive world to a screaming halt. As I was walking (...a near run I guess) out of Wal-Mart I noticed a little boy, about 7, walking hand and hand with whom I assumed was his mother. Not an unusual sight I know (especially in Utah.) However, this little boy happened to be dragging a walking stick (or blind cane) in his other hand.
As the little boy drug his stick across the ground he looked up to the sky as if to feel the cool breeze on his face. His little stick began to rattle and rumble as they started to cross the bricks in front of the entrance. All of a sudden the little boy smiled from ear to ear and stopped in his tracks almost pulling his mother to the ground. "what?" his mom said, as she looked at him in confusion. "I know where we are!" said the little boy. "We're on the bricks!"
I've never been so amazed by the simplicity of such a realization. We shouldn't be worried about where we're going, what we're getting done on our list of things to do, or stressing out about everything that we're not accomplishing. All we need to focus on is where we are now, look at the little things that bring happiness to our lives, and embrace what we can accomplish with what inabilities we've been dealt.
For years I've stressed out about what I want to do with my life. Where do I want to be in the near future? How am I going to accomplish all these things? Am I making the right decisions along the way? I've always been so blind to see where I am in my life. But now I finally know; I'm on the bricks.....